Breakfast, Sunday morning

Bacon and cheese flatbread with hash browns

We have all been guilty of dashing out for breakfast! Who can resist it when the opportunity is right there?! I love a dirty breakfast as much as the next person but you can DIY it almost as easily. Let me take you through my really easy breakfast, admittedly not for every day but as a treat.


Bacon and cheese flat breads:

4-6 rashers of bacon – I love streaky but you can use back bacon.

2 x tortilla wraps

2 x slices of processed cheese – it’s not my favourite, but it’s great for an ‘authentic taste’. If like me you are not persuaded, use your favourite cheddar.

Hash browns:

1 x medium potato

1/2 onion – you can use any colour onion for this

First, make the hash browns, as they take longer to cook. Grate the potato and the onion,


Place onto a clean cloth or tea towel, pull the corners together, and wring as hard as you can over a bowl or the sink (a lot of moisture will come out). This is an important step to help stick the mixture together.


Once drained, add salt and pepper. Put a flat bottomed frying pan on a low heat, drizzle some oil and pack the mixture into egg rings. You don’t have to use them but will get a better, more even cook with them.


Cook slowly on one side for 10 mins then flip and cook slowly on the other side for a further 10 mins. You can eat these like this but I like to put them into the oven at 180 fan for a further 10 mins for extra crispness.


While they’re in the oven, fry the bacon to how you like it and lay onto the flatbread. Put the cheese on top and fold in half.


I finish these in the grilling machine but you can pop them back into the frying pan for 2 mins, flip and cook the other side for another 2 mins.


Who needs fast food restaurants when you can have this at home in your pyjamas!


Serves 2

cals – 236, fat – 9.2, carbs – 38.7, protein – 12.1

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