Dinner time, Fish

Fish skewers with stir fry noodles

A really healthy and high protein dish, great for when you’ve finished a workout (or thinking about one!) If you don’t like fish you can use chicken just cook for a couple of extra minutes on each side. With all the fresh veggies and seeds you’ll feel great about eating this but won’t be wondering where the flavour has gone.



1 x salmon fillet – you can use any oily fish you like, trout works well and mackerel would be delicious

1 x Basa fillet – you can use any white fish, Basa is cheap but it doesn’t have much flavour but this recipe adds so much, it really doesn’t matter

1/2 pepper – can be any colour

1 x large tomato


1 tsp (teaspoon) Chinese five spice

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1 tbs (tablespoon) soy sauce

1 tsp Chinese vinegar – you can use any vinegar but if using malt vinegar only use 1/2 tsp

1 tbs honey

1 x garlic clove crushed

1 tsp oil


Stir fry

1 tbs flax seeds

1/4 sliced onion

1 x carrot thinly sliced

1 x garlic clove crushed

1 x piece stem ginger grated (you can add fresh ginger but I love the sweetness this adds, you can also use a tsp of dried ginger

2 x florets Broccoli sliced

2 x florets cauliflower sliced

6 x sprouts sliced

1/2 lemon juiced

50g spaghetti cooked

125g fresh spinnach


The biggest tip I can give you for this recipe is to prepare all of your ingredients in advance, it is so quick to cook you don’t have time to prep and cook at the same time.


Dice your fish to fairly even 3cm pieces, cut the pepper about the same size, quarter the tomato and scoop out the seeds and cut once again through the middle


Mix together the ingredients for the marinade, and add the fish and vegetables into the bowl, give it a stir (don’t do this too far in advance as it will change the texture of the fish)


Thread the fish pepper and tomato alternately on the skewers


Heat a griddle pan or grilling machine to high heat and start cooking your skewers turning every couple of minutes


While they’re cooking start the stir fry, in a wok on a high heat add a small amount of oil and fry the flax seeds, onions, peppers, carrots, garlic and ginger, stir constantly for 2 minutes


Add the rest of the marinade brocolli, cauliflower and sprouts to the stir fry and cook for a further 2 mins


Add the lemon juice, pasta, spinnach and cook for a further 2 mins


The fish skewers should now be nicely charred and delicious


That is it, it’s done, you can serve with prawn crackers, and eat with chop sticks but however you eat it, it’s delicious, fun and quick.


Serves 2

Cals – 410, fat – 3.6, carbs – 42, protein – 23.2

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