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Meat pie

This recipe is for Rob who asked for advice on pastry, I hope this helps! I love a pie as much as the next person, and it’s a great way of using up leftovers, here’s a recipe for my leftovers meat pie, fantastic with mash and gravy, or chips and gravy, or just on its own in a lunch box. You can put whatever you like in this pie, that’s the beauty of it.


For the pastry

150g plain flour – it’s really got to be plain for a nice crisp pastry

75g butter – you can use a mix of lard and butter which I quite often do but for this I’m using just butter

1/2 tsp salt

1 egg beaten

approx 6 tbs (tablespoons) water

For the filling

200g roast belly pork cut into 2 cm cubes – you can use whatever meat you’ve got left over just leave out the apple sauce and add a different complimentary flavour

1 x carrot sliced

1/2 onion diced

1 bay leaf broken in half – you’ll need to find them before you put them into the pie

1 sprig thyme – pull the leaves from the stalk and discard the stalks

1 tbs flour

250ml chicken stock

1 tbs apple sauce

1 tbs double cream


Start by making your pastry – you can do this in a food processor but I’ll be making by hand to show you. In a large bowl put in your flour, butter and salt. Rub the butter into the flour using cool  light fingers – cool your hands down by running under the cold tap – try not to over work the mix as it will result in a tough pastry. Keep working until the mix resembles breadcrumbs

Add 4 tbs water and use a knife to stir, keep adding water until the mix comes together – don’t add too much or your pastry will be impossible to work with.


Once together wrap and pop in the fridge to chill for 30 mins


While that’s chilling start your filling. In a pan on a medium heat start frying your meat – I am not using any added fat as belly pork has a lot.


When the meat starts to colour slightly, add the onions, carrots, thyme and bay


Continue to fry for a couple of mins and add the flour, stir until all the flour has incorporated into the fat


Add the stock and the apple sauce and bring to the boil. Season to taste. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 mins. After 10 mins take off the heat, remove the bay leaf, and stir in the cream


Strain the mix through a sieve – this gives you fantastic gravy and ensures the mix isn’t too wet for the pastry. Allow the mix to cool completely – the filling must be completely cold before putting into the pastry


Meanwhile take a third off the pastry and keep aside. Roll out into a round so it’ll cover the base of the pie dish – about 3mm thick (don’t worry if there are tears, just repair with excess pastry) put the base back into the fridge until the filling is completely cold.

Once cold fill your pie and brush round the edge with egg wash. Roll out the remaining pastry for the top and place on your pie, press down round the edges, using your fingers to create a seal and trim off any excess

With a knife make a hole in the top to let steam out. Brush with egg and bake in a preheated oven 180 fan for 25 mins – it really does need to be preheated for pastry.


Thats your meat pie, delicious hot or cold!

Serves 2

Cals – 741, fat – 38.8, carbs – 66, protein – 31.7

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