Ahead of pancake day next week, I thought I would put these on and show you there’s no excuse to buy ready made mixes, as they’re so easy to make yourself! Really simple ingredients that you probably already have, and really tasty!


50g plain flour

1 x egg beaten

50ml milk

1 tsp oil


In a jug, make a well in the flour. Pour in the beaten egg and slowly mix to combine


As the mix gets thicker add the milk and mix to a smooth(ish) batter – it really doesn’t matter if there’s a few small lumps


Leave to stand for 20 mins – you don’t have to do this but your pancakes will be thinner and crispier if you do.

Put a small frying pan on a medium heat with a little oil. When hot, add your batter into the centre of the pan and swirl round to coat the bottom

Leave to cook for a minute and a half. Now the fun bit – I am a tosser and will hopefully give you confidence to become a tosser too! If your pancake is cooked enough, it will freely move in the pan. Shuffle the pancake forward so it’s over the edge of the pan


Now, with confidence, flip the pan and the pancake will flip over.


Leave to cook for a further minute and a half and repeat from the beginning until all your mix is used.

A word of warning – the first pancake is always a bit rubbish. It’s to do with getting the heat right; the technique right; and the amount of oil right!

I always have pancakes with lemon and sugar, but everyone has their own favourites. Enjoy!

Serves 2 – makes 4 pancakes

Cals – 156, fat – 6, carbs – 39.4, protein – 10,

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