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Yum yums

These are one of my favourites, I know I say that all the time but I just love all food! Sweet, flakey and fatty, just what you need when it’s snowing outside. They do take time, but it is worth it and for someone special they are amazing!! Though not fried like a traditional yum yum I think you’ll agree they’re nearly as delicious.


350g strong white bread flour

50g caster sugar

1 x 7.5g sachet instant dried yeast

1 tsp (teaspoon) salt

1 egg

150ml milk

125g butter

For the icing

50g icing sugar

25ml lemon juice


Start by making the dough. In a large bowl place the flour, yeast, salt and sugar and give a light mix

Make a well in the centre and add the beaten egg

Heat the milk and 25g butter slightly – just until the butter has melted, don’t let the mixture get hot

Add into the flour and mix using your hands – it should form a sticky dough

Turn out and knead for 10 mins until smooth

Replace in the bowl cover and leave to chill over night – put the rest of the butter into the fridge to chill

The next day turn out your dough and roll out to a rectangle, flatten the butter and put pieces onto 2/3 of the dough

Fold the third not covered in butter over the central third

Then the last piece over the top

Wrap and leave to chill for 30mins

Repeat with the remaining butter

After a further 30 mins in the fridge roll out the dough and fold into thirds without the butter

Repeat one last time

Once chilled roll out the dough to around 2-3 cm thick and cut into 6 strips

Cut down the centre of each strip leaving approx 2 cm on one end

Keeping the uncut end flat twist the strips over each other twice and pinch the end to hold the shape

Place on a well oiled baking tray cover and leave to rise at room temperature for an hour

Place in a preheated oven 180 fan for 20-30 mins until golden brown and smelling delicious!

While they’re cooking mix up your icing ingredients

Remove from the tray onto a cooling rack immediately and spoon on the icing

Allow to cool and enjoy

Makes 6

Cals – 291, fat – 16, carbs – 32, protein – 4,

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