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Oxtail stew

I promise when you try this you will not use ‘stewing steak’ for a casserole again, it’s rich, sticky and delicious. Served with a creamy buttery mash and leeks, and a nice glass of red, it’s perfect for a cold winter evening. You can make it and leave in the oven so it’s a stress free, impressive meal for very little effort, and a plus it’s so cheap!


1 x oxtail

4 x shallots halved

1 x stick celery roughly chopped

1 x carrot roughly chopped

2 x bay leaves

2 tbs flour

7 x button mushrooms chopped in half

200ml lager

300ml beef stock

Salt and pepper to taste


In a large pan (preferably a casserole) on a med/high heat brown the pieces on oxtail

Remove the oxtail and turn down the heat to med and brown the shallots

Add the carrots and celery and cook for a further 5 mins

Add in the bay leaves and cook for another couple of mins

Add the flour, stir well making sure the combine all the flour into the fat in the pan

Add the lager and stir well, allow to thicken and bubble

Add the mushrooms and the stock, stir well, check for seasoning

Put the oxtail on top of the vegetables bring up to a bubble

Cover and put in the oven 130 fan for 4 hours – you may need to top up with water if it’s looking s little dry

Once it’s cooked take out the oxtail and strip the meat off the bone (it’ll be so soft you can easily do it with a spoon)

Reintroduce the meat into the thick sauce and stir

It’s such a good stew with creamy mash and leeks. Rich indulgent and warming!

Serves 4

Cals – 220, fat – 7.8, carbs – 35.3, protein – 21.3,

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