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Lucy’s Easter simnel buns

This is a bit of an experiment inspired by my favourite Easter treats – the marzipan from a simnel cake, the bun from a hot cross bun, and cinnamon sugar. It’s worked so well I had to share the recipe, and I’m sure you’ll be glad I did! They look amazing and ahead of Easter I thought you might like to give them a go. Traditionally a simnel cake has 13 balls of marzipan on the top to represent the disciples, as a nod to tradition I am making 13 buns.


For the buns –

250g strong white bread flour

1 tsp (teaspoon) cinnamon

1/2 tsp grated nutmeg

25g butter

25g caster sugar

1 x 7g sachet instant dried yeast

1/2 tsp salt

1 egg

130ml milk

100g dried mixed fruit

For the centres –

65g marzipan

For the coating –

50g butter

75g Demerara sugar

1 tsp cinnamon


Start by rubbing the butter into the flour

Add the rest of the dry ingredients, beat the egg with the milk and add to the dry ingredients, and mix to combine.

Turn out and knead for 10 mins – it should be a fairly wet and sticky dough. When kneaded pop back into the bowl

Leave to rise until double in size – approx 2-3 hours

Meanwhile shape the marzipan into 13 balls about the size of a small marble

Now knock back the dough to knock all the air out

and then fold in the mixed fruit

Divide the dough into 13 pieces

Take one of the pieces and roll into a ball in your hands

Flatten out with your thumb, to make a small pocket for the marzipan

Seal the bun and roll again between your hands

Repeat for all the buns

Now melt the butter for the coating, and mix together the sugar and cinnamon

Roll one of the balls in the melted butter, and then the sugar

Arrange in a tin, cover and leave to rise again for an hour

Pop them into a preheated oven 180 fan for 30 mins

Remove from the tin immediately and leave to cool

And then enjoy! You won’t be able to resist when you smell them!

Makes 13 buns

Cals – 205, fat – 6.7, carbs – 32.7, protein – 4.4,

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